Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour with Marcus Sedgwick

Pupils in the Western Isles had a frightfully fun time when Master of suspense and King of the modern gothic Marcus Sedgwick crossed the Minch to visit with the Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour.

Marcus did 10 events with both upper primary and lower secondary pupils about his tense and gripping narratives. Since 2000 Marcus has won or been nominated for over thirty awards, including the Carnegie Medal (four times), the Edgar Allan Poe Award (twice) and the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize (four times). The pupils were delighted to hear him speak about his Raven Mysteries series and his excellent new teen book, Midwinterblood.

You can find out more about Marcus and his books on his website:


Learning Resources

Get creative in the classroom with these brilliant teaching resources to accompany Marcus Sedgwick's excellent books.We have also uploaded an exclusive short story written by Marcus with accompanying resources which you can download for free by following the link below.

*Marcus Sedgwick Learning Resources


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Event Photos

Marcus Sedgwick - Back Primary School

Marcus Sedgwick - Daliburgh Primary School
Marcus Sedgwick - Eoligarry Primary School
Marcus Sedgwick - Sgoil nan Loch
Marcus Sedgwick - Daliburgh Primary School
Marcus Sedgwick - Tolsta Primary School
Marcus Sedgwick - SBT Van

Marcus Sedgwick - Sgoil nan Loch



Pupil Feedback

I really enjoyed Marcus Sedgwick's visit.  I like books and I think his talk really encouraged children to read in a very good way.  I think he is a very interesting person and is an AMAZING author.  His talk was very prepared and it was really fun listening and answering his questions.  I liked meeting him and I hope I will again in the future.  Ellie, 11, Sir E Scott School                               

I really enjoyed Marcus Sedgwick's visit to our school.  He is really interesting and funny.  His books are really good and you can't just read one you have to read more!  The one think I really liked about the talk was how he could zoom in on the items in his shed and give us more information.  I would love another author like Marcus Sedgwick to come back and talk to us again. Kirsteen, 12,  Sir E Scott School                                                              

I enjoyed his visit very much because he put a lot of time and thought into his presentation and he has obviously been talking with children before because he answered his questions very well and his questions were good.  I think he is very good at talking with children/teenagers. Seamus, 11, Sir E Scott School                                                 

I found the visit from Marcus Sedgwick very enjoyable.  I liked how he had a picture of his shed which he worked in and we got to pick something for him to talk about.  I thought he answered the questions very well.  Christopher, 14, Sir E Scott School                 

The best book we've read this year. Seamus, 7, Sgoil nan Loch

I really enjoyed it when Marcus Sedwick came!  I really enjoyed the play.  I am reading one of his books Flood and Fang!  Thank you for coming to our school! The play was funny and it was good how I got my book signed. Molly, 9, Sgoil nan Loch                                               

As I went to the room Marcus was in I was so excited, there were loads of questions to ask.  It was one of the most exciting times of my life! Thanks! Emily, 9, Sgoil nan Loch                                             

I thought that his bookd re the best books I have ever read and I am glad that he came to our school. Donald. 10, Sgoil nan Loch                                                      

It was a new experience and provided an insight on what the life of an author is like.  It wasn't like a boring lecture and it was very well done.  I found out a few new things that day, such as how a cat and a ball of wool is scary or how all stories are in a way the same. When he read out a section of the story I thought it was brilliantly written and if the rest of the book was like that I would definitely read on, even though it is not the type of book I would usually read. Reuben, 13, Nicolson Institute                             

The event was enjoyable, interesting, knowledgeable and funny.  He was a very informative author and speaker and made his books sound interesting as well as his work and place of work.  I would like to be an author and write books for people my age when I grow up so it was excellent to hear a live, actual author talk about why and how he does this and especially what he writes.  I was interested in the style and genre Marcus wrote in because it’s not the kind I would usually read or write so I wanted to try it. I look forward to reading 'My Swordhand is Singing' and then hopefully 'Revolver'.     Scott, 13, Nicolson Institute                          

In school we are reading 'My Swordhand is Singing'.  We are almost half way through the book and it gets more exciting in every chapter.  I like how at the end of every chapter he makes you want to read on.  I have also bought one of his books called 'Revolver' that he signed for me. Tanya, 14, Nicolson Institute                                     

Marcus Sedgwick was a good speaker and he presented his talk well using the computer and he showed us his office and he based his talk around the pictures in his office.  He told us about new books and how much he earns a year and also when he visited the lunatic asylum in America.  he showed us how he plans a book, he was a very interesting person to listen to. James, 14, Nicolson Institute