Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour with Theresa Munoz

At the beginning of July, the Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour visited 10 secondary schools in the Teesside area with fantastic poet Theresa Munoz! 

Theresa is a Canadian-born poet, now living in Edinburgh, and the poems in her debut collection Settle explore two main themes: her own experiences of emigration, and the impact of the digital age on today’s society.

Over the course of five days, we travelled around Teeside, visiting Year 7-9 pupils in classrooms and libraries across Darlington, Nunthorpe and Stockton-on-Tees. Our goal was to introduce pupils to the wonderful world of poetry and to make poetry accessible to them.

Theresa’s sessions were interactive, with pupils given the opportunity to engage with some of the poems in Settle and to explore a number of concepts, such as the impact of the internet and social media on their daily lives. This prompted some very interesting and thoughtful discussions. Theresa also shared her own experiences of moving to a new country and becoming a poet. She talked about where her inspiration comes from, giving an insight into her own creative process and providing plenty of tips for the many aspiring writers in the audience.

As part of the session, pupils were given the opportunity to write their own poems, using poetry stones. They each took one or two stones - each of which had a word written on it – and they were encouraged to use this word as a prompt to create their own pieces of writing. The pupils really engaged with the task at hand and produced a variety of creative masterpieces, resulting in an array of creative, deep and thoughtful poems! To read some of the poems written during the workshops, visit our blog from Our Lady and St Bede Academy and our social media page.

On our travels, we also managed two trips to Darlington’s very own brick train- an impressive structure, not to be missed! For a live action shot of the brick train, check out our resources section here, where Theresa shares her top tips for aspiring young writers.



Learning Resources

Learning resources full of cross-curricular activities to help you explore the themes in Theresa Munoz's poetry with your pupils are available to download here