Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour with Steven Camden

In October 2015 the Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour brought award-winning author and spoken word artist Steven Camden to East Dunbartonshire, West Dunbartonshire and North Ayrshire!

Steven Camden aka Polarbear is a critically acclaimed performance poet, playwright and author. His award- winning spoken-word shows have toured throughout the UK and internationally, from Glastonbury to California. 

Steven shared his infectious enthusiasm for stories and passion for language with over 1200 pupils, encouraging them to share ideas, play with words and not to be afraid of a blank page. Pupils worked together to create characters and build a story around them, quickly throwing out ideas and making connections to find exciting starting points to jump off from. Steven’s brilliant novels Tape and It’s About Love are inspired by stories, places and people he knew growing up in Birmingham and he encouraged pupils to use their own (embarrassing!) memories to bring their characters to life. Even the most reluctant writers were buzzing with ideas, showing just how inspiring Steven’s sessions were. As one pupil said; ‘I didn’t really expect to like it, but then I was captured’.

Check out Steven's spoken introduction to It's About Love and watch him touring the locations in Birmingham where the novel is set here

Learning Resources

Learning resources aimed at encouraging your pupils to get excited about writing and performing poetry are available to download from our website here.

Take a look at the gallery below for more photos from the week