Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour with Laura Ellen Anderson

In May, the Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour took phenomenal graphic novelist, illustrator and author Laura Ellen Anderson to the Western Isles for an exciting week of schools events! 

Laura is a hugely exciting talent in the world of children’s writing and illustration. Her first graphic novel, Evil Emperor Penguin, came out in 2015. It features not your typical fluffy, kind-hearted penguin but a dastardly yet loveable megalomaniac with designs on taking over the world, constantly frustrated at being thwarted by his eviler nemesis, Evil Cat. The long-awaited follow up, Evil Emperor Penguin Strikes Back!, was released in February 2017.

Lauren Ellen Anderson and students
We started our adventure on the Isle of Lewis and island-hopped our way throughout the week, from Harris to North and South Uist, to Benbecula, and ended our whistle-stop-tour on Barra.

Laura’s events were fun, creative and unique. She led comic workshops which encouraged pupils to take a seemingly cute and cuddly comic character (like a penguin) and turn them into an evil villain - just like Evil Emperor Penguin! The pupils then built their own stories around the characters they had invented.  

Some wonderful artworks and stories were created! Inspired by Laura, pupils began to illustrate their own comic strip around the characters they had created. Sam from Sgoil nan Loch Primary School created the terrifying Mighty Fluffy Monster and Hayden from Laxdale Primary School created the terrifying Dr Furious Eye Ball!

To find out more about Laura Ellen Anderson, and her books, visit her website here


Learning Resources

Learning Resources full of cross-curricular activities to accompany Laura's books and are available to download here