Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour with Lari Don

In February Scottish Book Trust took brilliant Scottish storyteller Lari Don to Northern Ireland for a week of exciting school events!

Lari Don

Scotland and Ireland are both steeped in myths and legends, so who better to take on the Scottish Friendly Children Book Tour’s very first trip to Northern Ireland than award-winning Scottish author and storyteller Lari Don.

Over the course of a busy week, we snaked our way all around Northern Ireland from its northernmost tip Londonderry, out to the east coast and an atmospheric evening walk around Giant’s Causeway before heading inland, working our way through towns and villages surrounding Lough Neagh before heading into Belfast at the end of the week.

Lari’s enthralling storytelling style meant at times you could literally hear a pin drop in school halls as pupils and teachers alike we enchanted by her readings from her award-winning Spellchasers trilogy and Fabled Beasts series. Imaginations sparked and led by Lari, pupils then created their own chase scenes, traps and cliffhangers, bouncing ideas off one another and building scenes together in the event. Lari bound the whole event together by telling her own favourite Scottish myths, now being told to parents and friends all over Northern Ireland.


 Lari DonLearning Resources

Learning resources full of cross-curricular activities to help explore the themes in Lari's books are available to download from our website here.

Explore Lari's wonderful event and storytelling though our photogallery of the week available here.