Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour with Ed Vere

In October 2017, the Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour took the award-winning author and illustrator Ed Vere to West Dunbartonshire, East Dunbartonshire and North Ayrshire for an exciting week of schools events!

Ed Vere’s books include the renowned Max series, featuring the fearless kitten Max, Banana and Bedtime for Monsters. The first book in this series, Max the Brave, was a New York Times Bestseller and was listed in the Sunday Times “100 Modern Children’s Classics”. In 2009, Ed’s book Mr Big was selected for the Booktrust’s first Booktime programme and 750,000 copies were send to schools across the UK. Ed’s books encourage readers to think about the themes of friendship, tolerance and sharing. Ed’s latest book, Grumpy Frog, features a frog who isn’t really grumpy at all! He loves hopping and he loves winning and he loves green. But he certainly does not like pink. When a pink rabbit hops into view, grumpy frog must learn how to compromise, develop friendships and how to apologise.

Ed started the sessions in each school with his immersive storytelling. Which books he read varied for each session, everything from Max the Brave to Banana to Grumpy Frog featured. Pupils would get especially vocal when Ed got confused what a mouse looks like in Max the Brave (it's an elephant!) or if he couldn't find Mr Big (he's there! behind you!). Following two stories, Ed would lead the group in a draw along activity. At every school we visited there were lots of budding illustrators, and some fantastic drawings were created (see our photo gallery here). Ed led the schools in a drawing wonderful selection of characters, pupils created Max the kitten, a ferocious monster from Bedtime for Monsters, a very lonely Mr Big and, of course, a grump Frog having a tantrum! The session ended with some fantastic pupil questions, asking Ed about his career as a writer and illustrator.  

All the schools that particpated had a fantastic time, and pictures of grumpy frogs, Mr Big gorillas and dastardly kittens like Max are now being draw all across East and West Dunbartonshire and North Aryshire! Catch up on some of the fun in our photo gallery.

Learning Resources

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