Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour with Christiane Dorion

The amazing non-fiction author Christiane Dorion visited Inverclyde, West Lothian and Dundee this March with the Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour.

Inspired by her background in environmental sustainability and her work with WWF, Christiane asks the big questions about the history of our planet and the animals who live on it. Her books are gloriously thought-provoking, bright, interactive and easy to digest.

Christiane's events engaged and ignited pupils' curiosities about exploring the world around them. The sessions focussed on the big issues in our planet's past and future, encouraging and inspiring future generations of scientists and writers.

Pupils gained an insight into what inspires Christiane to write, how she gathers her knowledge, and how they can change the future through engaging with the environment around them. The sessions left pupils wide-eyed and buzzing with questions and ideas.

To find out more about Christiane and her work you can visit her website.

Learning Resources

Get creative in the classroom with fantastic learning resources to accompany Christiane's books, available to download from our website here.