Chae Strathie Tour

Award winning picture book author Chae Strathie visited Brighton and Hove in June 2014 to entertain and inspire over 1500 reception to year 3 pupils with his mad mash-up of reading, singing, drawing, fun and daftness.

Known best for the fantastic Jumblebum and The Loon on the Moon, Chae's picture books are extremely popular with pupils and grown up's alike. All of the pupils (and teachers!) were fantastic, joining in with songs, drawing, stories, and even inventing their own Jumblebums!

Read Chae's blog from his time on tour here.

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Learning Resources

Get creative in the classroom with these brilliant teaching resources to accompany Chae's books.


Event Photos

Chae Strathie
Chae Strathie
Chae Strathie
Chae Strathie
Chae Strathie
Chae Strathie
Chae Strathie
Chae Strathie



Watch Chae's top tips for reading with your child here.



I thought this was a wonderful event. Chae is an excellent performer and kept our 120 five year olds entranced for a whole hour! There was just the right amount of audience participation and it was very helpful to have the books on the screen as he read them. Thank you for the generous gift of the Jumblebum books to share in school and for venturing south of the border.
Jane Skea, Literacy Coordinator, Westdene Primary School

The teachers and children were all thoroughly inspired by Chae and his books. The opportunity to meet a real live author was incredible and the children continued to speak about the event for days afterwards. His presentation was fun and interactive and gave real purpose to the work surrounding his writing. A huge thank you to Chae and to your team for giving us this opportunity. We are excited about building his work into our Literacy work for next year and would welcome you all back at any time!
Gemma Mallyon, Teacher, Goldstone Primary School

Yes, I enjoyed the Chae Strathie event. My favourite bit was when he drew a Jumblebum monster. I liked the Loon on the Moon song and the Jumblebum song because they had good words and rhyming words.
Ethan, age 8, Carden Primary School

I think Chae Strathie's books are brilliant! My favourite book is Jumblebum.
Max, age 8, Goldstone Primary Schoool

I watched his assembly and it was very funny. I like his books, they make me happy.
Chloe, age 6, St Peter's Community Primary School

I really enjoyed reading the Jumblebum story because it told you to tidy up and I also like it because I have a very messy room!
Miriam, age 6, Goldstone Primary School

Very funny and I enjoyed the songs. It was very fun and loud. I loved making a Jumblebum.
Edith, age 7, St Peter's Community Primary School

Yes, I did enjoy the Chae Strathie event. I particulary liked the part where he pulled out a smelly sock and he didn't even notice. His music was very nice. I loved it when he read The Loon on the Moon to us.
Kenzie, age 7, Carden Primary School