Shane Hegarty Schools Event

In October Scottish Book Trust took brilliant children's author Shane Hegarty to schools in Edinburgh for a special day of events.

Shane was Arts Editor of the Irish Times, but left to become a full-time writer after the frenzied success of his Darkmouth series.

Shane Hegarty Schools EventThis energetic and action-packed interactive event encompassed Shane's inspirations for writing from an early age, his obsession with superheroes and mythological creatures, as well as what inspired the Dickensian setting and mythical creatures that make up the world of Darkmouth.

Shane's humour and energy quickly captivated the audience. The P4's giggled and the P7's smirked as he raced around the school hall seeking out the wildest imaginations to create the best mythical beast and discuss what personalities they would have. He discussed his favourite mythical mashups found in Darkmouth, before getting pupils thinking about how to use their every day environments for storytelling, asking them what they would use to protect themselves it the creature attacked them in their school!

The event was monstrously fun, and Shane's Darkmouth series proved a big hit with pupils!

Check out a selection of photos from the event in the gallery below. 


Learning Resources

Learning resources full of cross-curricular activity ideas to help you explore the world of Shane Hegarty's books are available to download here.