Philip Caveney Schools Event

Scottish Book Trust brought the brilliant author Philip Caveney to Perth and Kinross in June 2015 for a day of very special schools events!

S2 pupils at Perth Academy and Pitlochry High School were some of the first to hear Philip Talk about One for Sorrow, the third Edinburgh-based adventure featuring time-travelling protagonist Tom Afflick. Transported through time to 1881, Tom finds himself the guest of the young author Robert Louis Stevenson and inadvertently becomes responsible for persuading Stevenson to publish what will become one of the world’s greatest adventure stories; Treasure Island. Philip spoke to pupils about his writing process and the inspirations behind his time-travelling adventures.

The schools had done some fantastic projects inspired by Philip's books; Pupils at Pitlochry high school investigated the scientific possibilities of time travel in Physics and created a time machine in the library! 


Learning Resources

Cross-curricular learning resources to help you explore One for Sorrow with your pupils and inspire further creative writing are available to download from our website here.

Have a look at the gallery below for some pictures from the event