Michael Grant Schools Event

In March 2017 Scottish Book Trust took best-selling author Michael Grant to Edinburgh for a day of exciting school events!

Michael GrantKnown as the evil genius of YA fiction and a renowned writeaholic, Michael has a huge fanbase in both America and in the UK, attracting a wide range of readers with his dystopian fantasies, futuristic thrillers and historical reinventions. His books are dark and enthralling, with many twists and turns, encouraging the imagination to run wild!

The event started with an introduction from Michael about his own experience of writing novels and how he approaches his series, including Gone and Front Lines. Michael then read a thrilling and tense extract from his latest book the Dead of Night. Death of Night is the newest book in Michael's Front Line series which reinvents World War II, and puts women alongside men on the front line, presenting an alternate history and a gripping insight into wartime. Michael went on to present pupils with an enthralling and engaging talk on how he approaches historical research his novels and the people and places which have inspired his writing. Michael discussed his renowned Gone series in depth, and offered insights into how he created this gripping dystopian world. The session closed with a question and answer session, and Michael was in high demand with questions from beguiled pupils and fans. 

Pupils loved the grisly nature of Michael's books, and his honesty and humour when discussing his own writing. Pupils gained invaluable tips and inspiration to for their own creative writing and own stories.

Explore the event futher through our photo gallery below! 

Learning Resources

Cross-curricular learning resources to help you explore the world of Michael Grant's latest novels are available to download here.