Maz Evans Schools Event

In March 2017 Scottish Book Trust took zany debut author Maz Evans to Perth & Kinross for a day of exciting school events!

Maz is a successful journalist, TV critic and creative writing workshop teacher who looks set for a successful career as a children's author as she embarks on an exciting new series bringing Greek mythology into the modern day. Her debut novel, the hilarious, anarchic adventure Who Let the Gods Out? centres around the Olympian gods, who after centuries in retirement, are not quite as we know them. When Elliot and his new friend (a haughty teenage constellation), Virgo, accidentally unleash a wicked death demon, the old Olympians are soon put through their paces.

Throughout the event, Maz used the fun-filled world of Who Let the Gods Out? to create an event filled with an Olympic serving of Greek Mythology. The event was packed with games, quests and challenges. A particular favourite amongst the pupils was a teacher word-association game, which ended with a inflatable hammer delivering a blow to the head of the losing teacher! The event cumlinated in pupils creating their own magical myths inspired by the menacing monsters and gods of classical mythology, but giving the stories a modern twist. 

The event proved a brilliant way for pupils to enjoy cross-curricular learning, with the event encompassing creative writing and history. The pupils loved meeting an exciting new author, and were excited about reading, writing and mythology.

Check out pictures from the workshop in our gallery below! 

Learning Resources

Learning resources full of cross-curricular activities to help explore the themes in Maz's book are available to download from our website here.