School Event with Non Pratt

In October Scottish Book Trust took the inspiring author Non Pratt to Glasgow for an afternoon of creative school events!

Non’s debut novel, Trouble, was published in 2014 and was shortlisted for the 2015 YA Book Prize and the Branford Boase Award. The novel is a raw and honest portrayal of the complexities of being a teenager and being pregnant. Her second novel, REMIX published in 2015, explores the key theme of friendship, and how relationships can change for better or worse over time. Non’s most recent novel, Truth or Dare, was published in June 2017. The story is told from two perspectives, that of main characters Claire Casey and Sef Malik. Together the pair create a youtube channel to raise money to pay for the care of Sef's brother Kam. The key question is, how far will Sef and Claire go to help Kam? 

In this thought provoking event, Non explored the themes which appear in Truth or Dare, including bravery, social media, honesty and truth. Non began the session by introducing how she became an author and her journey to writing. However, towards the end of the session Non reveals what she had previously said to be false, and relates this to online safety and which version of ourselves we choose to present to the world on and off line. Non also explored how she creates and gets to know the characters in her book, using a system of post-it notes which includes their personality traits and what they want. After a reading from Truth or Dare, volunteers from the audience were asked to partake in their own Truth or Dare scenarios. This resulted in a fair amount of hilarity, with pupils galloping around the hall and balancing books on their heads whilst singing. Non concluded this engaging and entertaining session with her “ask me anything” question time. Pupils really did ask Non anything, including “poppadum or naan?”, “do you like Nike trainers?” and “is your name really Non?”.

The pupils from Smithycroft Secondary in Glasgow certainly enjoyed this session and the opportunity to ask Non anything at all. The session sparked discussion and debate as well as provide valuable tips for future creative writing.

Learning Resources

Non appeared on our Author's Live Authentic Teen Panel on the same day and is available to view here in our On Demand library.