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Scottish Book Trust have a rich variety of programme events such as Authors Live, Scottish Children's Book Awards and the Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour. So how can these programmes be used to maximum effect in the classroom? Have a look at these case studies for some ideas!

Authors Live: Teacher Champions Programme - Case Study Packages

We have recruited some of the most creative teachers we could find from various local authorities around Scotland to develop activities inspired by our Authors Live programme. Here you can find their blogs and resources and see some of the ways you can use the Authors Live events to explore reading and writing in your classroom.


Nicola Davies Authors Live

Exploring Migrant Stories through Art and Drama

Kirstin Armstrong

Greenfaulds High School (S1-3)

Nicola Davies: Exploring Sustainability Through Creative Learning

Ainsley Rogers

 Castleton Primary School


Chris Hoy: Linking Sport and Literacy

Judith Little

Woodburn Primary School, Midlothian (P4-7)

Juno Dawson: Tackling Mental Health Stigma

Shelagh Toonen and Douglas Clark

Elgin Academy, Moray (S1-3) 

Promoting Scots Language at Fife College

Rosemary Richey

Fife College (young adult learners)


Ed Vere Nursery Transition Project

Joy Cameron

Lochnell Primary School, Argyll (Nursery - P2)  

Tom Gates Takeover at Hilton Primary

Lesley Glasgow

Hilton Primary School, Inverness (P4-7)

Kemnay Academy's Poetry Slam Project

Jennifer Horan

Kemnay Acadmey, Aberdeenshire (S1-4)

storytelling cards
Celebrating the magic of Roald Dahl resources

The Chae Strathie Puppet Project

Susannah Jefferies

Carnegie Primary School, Fife (P1-3)

Sharing Stories from Around the World

Aurelie Norman

Edinburgh (P4-7)

Celebrating the magic of Roald Dahl

Linda Murray and Aileen Fisher

Scottish Borders (P2-3)

making pop-up books

Poetry and debate through rap battles

Peter Kelly and Helen Mackenzie

South Lanarkshire (S1-3)

Making space-themed pop-up books

Amanda Rawlings

Perth and Kinross (P4-7)

Darren Shan: Exploring character through art

Catherine Wylie

Clackmannanshire (S1-3)


Darren Shan: Zombie Survival - A cross curricular project

Louise Edwards

Stirling (S1-3)

Polly Dunbar: Picture book puppet shows

Burravoe Primary School & Middleton Park School

Shetland and Aberdeen (P3-7)

Francesca Simon: A day of whole school Horrid Henry activities

Jo Boggan

Fife (P1-7) 


Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour: Case Study Packages

The Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour takes the very best UK and international authors directly into schools in every local authority in Scotland. Every tour we meet some incredibly creative teachers and in these pages we've asked them to contribute blogs, resources and videos in order to demonstrate some of the ways you can use an author event to inspire reading and writing in your classroom.
Sarah McIntyre draw a pug Chris Riddell

Christiane Dorion: Case Study Package

P4 - 7

Sarah McIntyre: Case Study Package 

P4 - 7

Chris Riddell: Case Study Package

P4 - 7 

Pamela Butchart: Case Study Package 

P4 - 7

Martin Brown: Case Study Package

P4 - S2

Vivian French: Case Study Package

P4 - 7

Nicola Davies: Case Study Package

Nicola Davies: Case Study Package

P4 - 7

Phil Earle: Case Study Package

S1 - 4

Steve Cole: Case Study Package

P4 - P7, S1 - S4

Peter Bently: Case Study Package
Etherington Brothers Crowd

James Carter: Case Study Package

P1 - 4

Peter Bentley: Case Study Package 

P1 - 4

Etherington Brothers: Case Study Package 

P4 - 7