Authors Live Teacher Ambassador Programme: Roald Dahl - Case Study Package

Linda Murray and Aileen Fisher, teachers at St Peter's Primary School in Galashiels, were our first pair of ambassadors on the Authors Live Teacher Ambassador Programme. They were charged with the task of running some creative activities based around our Authors Live: Roald Dahl Day Celebration event. They tied their work into their BFG topic and came up with many fabulous ideas for ways to get their children excited about Roald Dahl and storytelling. Linda shared their experiences of the programme in a series of blog entries which you can read by clicking on the links below. Here she also details some of the activities they ran which you can take inspiration from. On this page you'll find everything you need to make the most of Authors Live: Roald Dahl Day Celebration in your own classroom.


Pupils enjoyed making BFG ears
The BFG corridor display
Philip Ardagh on the Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour

Blog 1: Counting Down to Roald Dahl Day

Linda explains how she came to get involved in the Teacher Ambassador Programme and discusses some of her plans for Roald Dahl Day.

Blog 2: Authors Live - More than just an event

Linda tells us more about the activities she and Aileen ran with their P3 and P2 classes before and after watching the Authors Live: Roald Dahl Day Celebration.

Blog 3: Authors Live - Where could it lead?

Linda discusses the legacy of having taken part in Authors Live in her school and the ways it encouraged colleagues to engage in other Scottish Book Trust programmes.

Authors Live: Roald Dahl Day
The BFG during Authors Live: Roald Dahl Day Celebration
Roald Dahl website

Authors Live: Roald Dahl Day watch on demand

The event is 40 minutes long and suitable for P3-7

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