How to View & FAQ

So, you've registered to watch an Authors Live broadcast - you are definitely in for a treat!

Here's everything you need to know to watch live on the day. You might want to print out this information and keep it handy on the day in case you need it.

How To Watch Authors Live Events

Test your school’s/organisation’s internet connection

How to watch the live event – very important information!

  • You will be able to view the event at: Make sure you click on the author's photo to access the live stream!

Logging in

  • When arriving at the web page you may be asked to sign in with a BBC iPlayer account.
  • If you have an iPlayer account, please use this to sign in. If you do not yet have one, please create one. This should only take a minute of your time, but you may wish to do it in advance to avoid having to rush to do so on the day. 
  • You can register for an iPlayer account here.
  • When registering you will be asked to provide details of your date of birth, email address, password, postcode, gender and whether you would like to subscribe to email updates. You may be asked whether you have a TV licence; please select "yes" as schools are entitled to educational output from the BBC. 

Test stream:

  • A test stream will be broadcast from 15 minutes before the event is due to start at 10.45am. This will give you time to adjust sound/speakers etc. without missing any of the event. Please ensure you tune in by 10.45am.
  • BUFFERING: During the actual broadcast the screen may freeze occassionally with a note that it is 'buffering'. This is perfectly normal during a live internet broadcast. Don't try to adjust anything - please just be patient and wait for the broadcast to continue.

Viewing the event after the live broadcast


What time does the event start?
The event starts promptly at 11 am. Please go to the web page by 10.45 am to give time to adjust speakers etc. before the event starts.

How long does the event last?
Events will usually last 40 minutes unless otherwise stated. 

I can’t get the link - - to work
Please check with technical staff in your school – it may be the website is blocked and you need to ask them to unblock it (they may need to pass this request on to your local authority).

I can access the link but can't view the test stream 15 minutes prior to the event.
It may be that the school’s internet connection isn’t fast enough to receive the live feed. To test your connection speed, go to To stream BBC iPlayer, your internet speed needs to be higher than 2.8 Mp/s. If it still doesn’t work, please consult technical staff in your school. It may be that you need to request computer use in the rest of the school be kept to a minimum during the live broadcasts.

I have been trying to register our school for an Authors Live event, but have been unable to. What can I do about this?
If you cannot access the registration application you can contact Hannah Sycamore on 0131 5542 2373 or email and she will register your group.

Where will the event be shown?
The event will be broadcast on

Can we ask the author questions?

For most of our broadcasts, we collect questions from schools across the country to put to our author. To have your pupils' questions considered, please tweet your questions using the hashtag #BBCAuthorsLive on Twitter. Please bear in mind that many thousands of children will be watching and will have submitted questions, so think of unusual questions to increase your chance of having your question asked. Please don’t be too disappointed if your question doesn’t get asked.

Can we watch the event at a later date?
Yes, it will be available to watch on-demand after the live broadcast at We aim to make the event available 2 working days after the live broadcast. If you register we will send you an email to let you know once it is available to watch again.

Will our school firewalls block the website where the event will be broadcast?
You can check by visiting the link – if you can see this site then it shouldn't be blocked. Also, if you follow links to the Learning Zone on this site you will find archive video clips to play which will allow you to test your equipment. If you can’t view this site, please check with technical staff in your school – it may be the website is blocked and you need to ask them to unblock it (they may need to pass this request on to your local authority).