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Vlogging is an exciting way to build communication and writing skills. It involves the creation of short informative videos about a chosen topic. In this video series, vlogger Jean Menzies takes you through the process of filming and editing vlogs, choosing a topic, structuring a vlog, and building an audience if that's your aim!

This resource has been designed to give you activity ideas which are transferrable to just about any fiction text in a primary setting. The activities will help your pupils get to grips with aspects like plot, character and setting, and also provide opportunities for them to share their opinions about what they've read.

Find out how Wardie Primary School used our Authors Live: Storytelling Relay event as the launchpad for a fabulous project looking at the Commonwealth through storytelling.

Creative writing can be a tricky proposition for teachers who are looking to help pupils really find their voice in an authentic way. Often, the curriculum is focused on the end product and less on developing the writing process, and pupils can end up with pieces of writing which are slightly stilted and cliched as they attempt to satisfy grade related criteria.

With this resource pack (written by children's author Lari Don), you can develop your teaching of writing by focusing on yourself as a writer.

Choosing literature to introduce children to other cultures can be a challenging task. How do you choose a text which will generate lively discussion, and will provide an informed and rich depiction of its subject? 

If you're settled on a book for the upcoming term but you're still looking for activities, check out these activities which can be applied to just about any book!

Here are a few key things to know about these resources before you start.

Making reading a part of everyday life in school can really help to nurture lifelong readers. From nursery right through to secondary, the tried and tested activities and projects in these resources will help encourage reading throughout the whole school.

Cowie and St. Madoes Primary schools both used Peter Bently's books as the springboard for some fantastic creative learning. Read about how pupils produced dramatic re-enactments of The Shark in the Dark and created posters for The Tractor Factor talent show based on Farmer Clegg's Night Out!

Teacher Linda Murray explains how she used our Authors Live: Roald Dahl Celebration as the launchpad for a term filled with fantastic cross-curricular fun.

When teachers at Middleton Park Primary School and Burravoe Primary School watched our Authors Live event with Polly Dunbar, they were inspired to create puppet shows based on picture books with their pupils, before broadcasting these to each other via video conference! Read how they did it here and find out how you can have a go yourself.