Learning Resources

In May 2017, the Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour took phenomenal graphic novelist, illustrator and author Laura Ellen Anderson to the Western Isles for an exciting week of schools events.

This resource has been designed to give you activity ideas which are transferrable to just about any fiction text in a primary setting. The activities will help your pupils get to grips with aspects like plot, character and setting, and also provide opportunities for them to share their opinions about what they've read.

This resource will help pupils from Levels Early to Fourth write about food, sharing their experiences and memories where food has played a big part.

This lesson plan and resource challenges you and your pupils to undertake a Reading Dare! To motivate pupils to read, it's important to try and create a personal reading journey for them; this lesson plan can increase their awareness of their likes and dislikes, as well as their knowledge of the diverse range of books available.

Shared Reading is a project which yields enormous benefits for both the younger and older pupils involved. Find out how to go about it with this step-by-step resource.

Writing can be a challenge for some pupils, but with this resource you'll find tried and tested approaches from teachers across the country to help get every pupil writing. These activiies and projects showcase the best of innovative practice taken from Scottish Book Trust's Teachers and Librarians blog, and will help you embrace the wider text to change pupils' perceptions of what writing can be. There are also ideas to help utilise technology, and advice from top writers which you can pass on to your pupils.

Find out how Wardie Primary School used our Authors Live: Storytelling Relay event as the launchpad for a fabulous project looking at the Commonwealth through storytelling.

Physical education and literacy are easier bedfellows than you might think! This resource gives you loads of ideas to bring the two together and get the sports enthusiasts and literacy lovers in your class equally engaged.

A simple and fun guide to creating an illustrated character from start to finish!

Drama specialist Pam Wardell's toolkit gives you a fantastic way to create a fully-fledged drama production with your pupils. The approach involves lots of teamwork and problem solving as pupils are assigned roles within different departments such as props, sound and costumes.