Learning Resources

Symbol sheet resources for Scottish Children's Book Awards 2016

CALL Scotland have produced a fantastic selection of free resources to help pupils with additional support needs to take part in the Scottish Children's Book Awards:

Accessible versions of the SCBA shortlisted titles

Accessible versions of the shortlisted titles are available on request from CALL. The 12-16 and 8-11 titles are available in PDF, and the 3-7 titles are available as Powerpoint files, accessible by touchscreen, keyboard, mouse, joystick, Switch or Eye Gaze. There are also Keynote files available to download straight to your iPad. You can visit CALL Scotland's website to find out more information and contact CALL to request accessible versions of the books.

Symbol sheet resources for speech impaired pupils

CALL have also produced wonderful free symbol sheet resources, which you can download below, to help pupils with communication difficulties take part in the Scottish Children's Book Awards. The symbol sheets are designed to help pupils:

  • respond to the books as you read through together (you can see a video on CALL's website explaining how to use the sheets for this - the video refers to last year's SCBA Bookbug Readers Category shortlist, but the principles remain the same);
  • participate in learning activities based on the books (again, there is a supporting video on CALL's website to show you how this can be done);
  • discuss which book they prefer and vote in the Scottish Children's Book Awards.

The symbol sheets provide pupils with pictures they can point to to indicate their responses to the books. The sheets can also be used as overlays for GoTalk 9+, a device which allows teachers to assign recorded phrases to programmable buttons which pupils can push. There are also symbol sheets available designed for teachers using the BigMack Communicator or equivalent single message device, and also the Little Step by Step or equivalent sequenced message device.

Some of the symbol sheets are designed to help pupils take part in learning activities from the main Bookbug Readers Category learning resources.

Finally, CALL have produced files to be used with the free Ipad app Sounding Board. This app works in much the same way as the devices mentioned above, with pre-stored voice recordings assigned to the symbol buttons, ready to use. These files can be downloaded straight to your Ipad.