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Sunset Song Learning Resources

Sunset Song was published in 1932. It is the story of Chris Guthrie, a resilient and hard working girl growing up in the fictional estate of Kinraddie. As she grows up Chris faces hardships and dilemmas which test her character, as she attempts to find her identity in the gossipy but ultimately close-knit community.

Sunset Song is considered to be a hugely important book because of (among other things) its realistic depiction of women, family life and religion in Scottish crofting communities. Gibbon also managed to use Scots dialogue in an understated way which avoided alienating a wider audience. On its release, many were shocked by Gibbon’s candid views on religion, sex and incest, and his realistic and descriptive accounts of childbirth.

The book will give you great opportunities to talk about an era where life in Scotland began to change irrevocably. However, for many, the main draw of the text lies in Chris: a dignified, contemplative character who approaches challenges with pragmatism and strength.

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