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Scotland's Stories of Home Learning Resources

Home means something different to everyone, and these resources are full of ideas to help you and your pupils explore what home means to you. Whether it's your home town, your home team, your loved ones or something else that goes hand in hand with home, these activities will help you come up with and write about your ideas. 

You and your pupils can write in whatever form feels most natural. Poems, songs, stories and raps are all welcome. We also welcome entries in Scots and Gaelic. 

These resources have been produced for our Scotland's Stories of Home writing campaign, but you can use them at any point with a class to help stimulate writing.

If you're writing in Scots, check out this resource from Matthew Fitt at Scots Hoose.

For more Scots resources, you can visit the Scots Language Centre, which is the main provider of information about Scots. The Education section of SLC's web site provides teachers with support and resources for teaching Scots in Early Years, Primary and Secondary. For further information visit www.scotslanguage.com, email education@scotslanguage.com or follow @LairnScots