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Read, Write, Count Bag Gifting

Age: 6-8
Category: Get inspired
Curriculum areas: Literacy and English
Keywords: Read Write Count

Ainslie McCabe, a class teacher at Neilston Primary School gives hints and tips for how to create a buzz around a Read, Write, Count gifting event in your school.

Teachers are busy. We are under pressure with the day to day planning for different abilities, marking jotters, updating wall displays, all while attending after school meetings and trying to ensure our lessons are varied and stimulating. So, when new initiatives come along its no wonder we sometimes sigh and mutter ‘not another thing!?’

This is how I felt at first when I was given a box of bags for my Primary 2 pupils and told to do something with them. Once I had a look in the bag however, I realised this was something I didn’t want to send home to be lost under a bed. In this resuorce, I wanted to outline some ideas for how these bags can be used to enhance what we were are already doing in school as part of our day to day practice and tick off some wee CfE extras too. At the end of the project, we had a great video to help parents and carers make the most of the resources in the bags.