Learning Resources

Exploring the poems of Jackie Kay - learning resources

Age: 14+
Category: Poetry
Curriculum areas: Literacy and English
Authors: Jackie Kay

Jackie Kay's poems are often touching meditations on family and relationships, and this resource will provide you with all the activity suggestions you need to get your pupils engaged with this best loved poet.

Focusing on 'Gap Year' and 'Divorce', the resource gives you the chance to compare Jackie's poems with each other as well as other poets' work. It's designed to get your pupils thinking actively about a poet's style and encourage them to explore their preferences.

The resource also refers to poems by Scottish slam poets JEnny Lindsay and MiKO Berry, which you can download below. You can also hear these poems in our Authors Live event with Jackie, MiKo and Jenny - click the link at the foot of the page to watch the event on demand!