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Chae Strathie Learning Resources

Chae Strathie is widely recognised as one of Scotland's top picture book authors, with a speciality in creating quirky and entertaining characters like the Fabulous Flapdoodles and the Loon who lives on the Moon. His books offer a wealth of opportunities to set up cross-curricular learning activities, and these resources from Carolyn Sharp, Early Years Librarian at Falkirk Council, will give you loads of ideas for activities and projects at nursery and P1. The resource focuses on Bedtime for Tiny Mouse, The Fabulous Flapdoodles and The Loon on the Moon. Activities include:

  • Role playing as nocturnal animals;
  • Exploring seasons and time in a transition project;
  • Discussing what makes the ideal bedtime routine, including lullabies, bedtime stories and snacks.

Beneath the main resource, we also have a previously commissioned resource with activities on Bedtime for Tiny Mouse, The Loon on the Moon and Chae's award-winning book Jumblebum. We also have a hugely entertaining video of Chae reading Jumblebum to enthuse your learners!