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Case Study Package: Making space themed pop-up books

Amanda Rawlings, teacher at Goodlyburn Primary School in Perth and Kinross, took part in our Authors Live Champions Programme in 2014. Amanda used Lucy Hawking's Authors Live broadcast as the starting point for a brilliant project which brought together literacy, art and science. Lucy Hawking is the author of the hugely popular George Green books, a series of adventure stories which aim to explain complex science to a young audience. Inspired by Lucy's books, pupils at Goodlyburn Primary School researched facts about our solar system and made their own space themed pop-up books to share what they learned with younger pupils. 

Read Amanda's blog about the project, watch Lucy Hawking's Authors Live broadcast and have a look at learning resources filled with creative cross-curricular ideas to help you get the most out of Lucy's books.

Blog: Making Space Themed Pop-up Books 

Authors Live: Lucy Hawking on Demand

Lucy Hawking Learning Resources