Linda Murray

These fabulous teaching resources from Linda Murray gives a wide range of activity suggestions for Cressida's beloved series How to Train Your Dragon. Activities include designing your own dragon, planning a rescue centre for abandoned dragons, writing your own dragon training manual, ho

Lauren Child's Ruby Redfort series follows the adventures of a teenage spy as she cracks codes, solves mysteries and gets the better of bad guys. Use this resource from teacher Linda Murray to inspire a huge range of cross-curricular activities and projects based on Look Into My Eyes, the first book in the series!

These resources on the first two books in the hugely popular series celebrate all things Tom, with a focus on comics, doodling and music. But there's much more to Tom's world than his prowess as a musician and artist, and so you'll find activities to help you discover the natural world, some great modern languages tasks, and much more besides.

Anthony Horowitz's gripping Alex Rider series celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2015. The novels can open the doors to some fantastic creative learning!

Take your class on a cosmic journey with these great resources for Lucy Hawking's George books.

A resource to help your pupils investigate the work of these two wonderful poets.

These tales of a young bear in search of the perfect hug can be the gateway to some fantastic creative learning!

Explore wildlife and conservation with these great resources.