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Abi Elphinstone's book, The Night Spinner, is the final book in a thrilling trilogy which began with The Dreamsnatcher. It's a captivating fantasy novel which has proved a smash hit with children across the country! In this resource you'll find a range of fun, cross-curricular activities inspired by the novel. Even if you don't own a copy, there are transferrable ideas in here which you can apply to other books.

Lari Don is emerging as one of Scotland's most exciting writers for children, with fiction ranging from picture books to gritty YA sci-fi. Here, you'll find resources inspired by her children's books First Aid for Fairies and Other Fabled Beasts and The Beginner's Guide to Curses, as well as her provocative teen book Drawing a Veil which explores the freedom to express religious beliefs.

Darkmouth is the award-winning debut novel from Shane Hegarty, and it's a must for any fans of rough and tumble fantasy adventure! These learning resources will help you explore the book with pupils in a variety of creative ways, including adapting scenes into comic format and making stop motion animations.

This resource uses Malcolm McNeill's fantastic book The Beginning Woods as an example for podcasting and filmmaking activities, but you can use these activities with any class novel!

Taking part in the Scottish Children's Book Awards presents you with some wonderful opportunities for creative learning, and these resources are the perfect guide for any teacher or librarian looking to explore the books in the Younger Readers Category (8-11 yrs). Inside you'll find activities to help your pupils create a buzz about the shortlist, as well as creative activities based on the books and a guide to writing the perfect review for our review competition.

With a love of art permeating each page, The Blackhope Enigma is a fantastic read for those who love the visual arts, and it's a gripping adventure story to boot!

Fantastic creative activity suggestions for The Robe of Skulls, the first book in the Tales from the Five Kingdoms series. We've also got a resource for Viv's picture book Captain Crankie and Seadog Steve, and one for The Adventures of Alfie Onion.

Ross MacKenzie won a Scottish Children's Book Award in 2011 for this thrilling tale of a boy caught up in a mysterious world on the other side of sleep.

A range of activities on the hugely popular Artemis Fowl series.

Get creative in the classroom with these exciting teaching resources to accompany Michelle Paver's books.

Activities include: