Drama and screenwriting

A resource intended to help children improve their storytelling skills.

Sensory activities which can be used in an ASN setting with any book.

In March 2018, the Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour took the former Children’s Laureate Julia Donaldson back on the road as part of our 20th Anniversary Tour celebrations.

Ciaran Murtagh, author and screenwriter, gives his top tips on writing for the screen. Ciaran has written for some of our best-loved TV shows, including Dangermouse, Mr. Bean, The Amazing World of Gumball and Shaun the Sheep.

Shared Reading is a project which yields enormous benefits for both the younger and older pupils involved. Find out how to go about it with this step-by-step resource.

Picture books are full of quirky characters and dramatic situations, perfect for providing children with opportunities to put on a performance. If you're looking for some quick, low-tech ideas for using picture books as the basis for role-playing and reading out loud, this resource from theatre practitioner Amy Hall Gibson is the perfect starting point. The resource uses Ed Vere's fantastic picture books as examples, but you can use these ideas with pretty much any book to get your class enjoying the thrill of performance!

Drama specialist Pam Wardell's toolkit gives you a fantastic way to create a fully-fledged drama production with your pupils. The approach involves lots of teamwork and problem solving as pupils are assigned roles within different departments such as props, sound and costumes.

Writing for the screen is a fascinating challenge, enabling pupils to flesh out characters in different ways from prose writing and allowing them to experiment with camera shots to create the right mood.

If you're settled on a book for the upcoming term but you're still looking for activities, check out these activities which can be applied to just about any book!

Here are a few key things to know about these resources before you start.

Cowie and St. Madoes Primary schools both used Peter Bently's books as the springboard for some fantastic creative learning. Read about how pupils produced dramatic re-enactments of The Shark in the Dark and created posters for The Tractor Factor talent show based on Farmer Clegg's Night Out!