Author/book resource

A resource inspired by the work of poet Theresa Munoz, this resource explores themes of travel and technology.

This resource will help you explore Going for Gold, a fantastic book in the hugely popular Claude series by Alex T Smith.

Abi Elphinstone's book, The Night Spinner, is the final book in a thrilling trilogy which began with The Dreamsnatcher. It's a captivating fantasy novel which has proved a smash hit with children across the country! In this resource you'll find a range of fun, cross-curricular activities inspired by the novel. Even if you don't own a copy, there are transferrable ideas in here which you can apply to other books.

Laura Ellen Anderson is the writer and illustrator of Evil Emperor Penguin, a madcap graphic novel featuring a penguin hellbent on world domination. The book could appeal to keen and reluctant readers, and this resource gives guidance on using the book to inspire comic writing in class, as well as some STEM activities.

This award-winning book is the first by David Litchfield, and tells the beautiful story of a bear cub who finds a discarded piano in the forest. This resource focuses mainly on music activities you can do with Early and First level pupils.

Derek Landy's Skulduggery Pleasant series has been phenomenally popular among young readers. Featuring supernatural, fast-paced action and two lovable heroes, the series is going strong, and this learning resource contains activities inspired by the first novel. Even if you don't own copies of the book, we hope you'll still find lots of ideas here to put fiction at the heart of creative, cross-curricular learning.

Michael Grant's YA war novel Front Lines reimagines the past, depicting a world in which women were conscripted to fight alongside men. This pacy and thought-provoking book provides lots of inspiration for you and your pupils to discuss the issues raised, and our learning resource will give you lots of activity suggestions to help pupils develop their ideas.

Maz Evans' debut novel Who Let the Gods Out is a funny and gripping book which brings the world of Greek mythology into 21st century life! This learning resource will give you lots of cross-curricular ideas to explore the book and work on different skills with pupils, including news reporting and podcasting.

Whether or not you own copies of Who Let the Gods Out, we think you'll find some inspiring ideas and handy links in this resource which you can transfer to other contexts too!

Emily Gravett's award-winning and innovative books have been delighting children and parents ever since the publication of the groundbreaking Wolves in 2005. In this resource, you'll find lots of creative, cross-curricular activity ideas to explore Dogs, Monkey and Me and Tidy.

David Almond, award-winning author of Skellig and A Song for Ella Grey, shares his top tips on turning a messy imagination into neat and tidy printed pages.