A resource intended to help children improve their storytelling skills.

Sensory activities which can be used in an ASN setting with any book.

Activity ideas to help your pupils explore themes of space exploration and home

Ideas to introduce poetry to P4-7 pupils in an exciting and creative way.

These fabulous teaching resources from Linda Murray gives a wide range of activity suggestions for Cressida's beloved series How to Train Your Dragon. Activities include designing your own dragon, planning a rescue centre for abandoned dragons, writing your own dragon training manual, ho

Check out the ideas and resources below for help to create stories for our Rebel Writing Campaign for schools.

These resources will be a fantastic help to any teacher of pupils who experience communication difficulties. The symbol sheets will help pupils discuss the three shortlisted titles for the Bookbug Picture Book Prize 2019 and vote for their favourite. There are also activity sheets to help pupils do some of the activities in the main Bookbug Picture Book Prize learning resources.