Wasted Resources

Age: 12-14
Curriculum areas: Literacy and English
Format: Document
Authors: Nicola Morgan

Innovatively written and fast paced, this unique novel won a Scottish Children's Book Award in 2011

Lari Don Writing Tips

Age: 9-11, 12-14
Category: Creative writing
Curriculum areas: Literacy and English
Format: Blog post
Authors: Lari Don

Get creative writing tips from award-winning children's author Lari Don

Click on the links below to download the resources. Tutors of adult learners can also access further resources here.

History is a fascinating subject which comes alive when pupils are given the opportunity to actively explore and make sense of it. In this resource you'll find plenty of suggestions to help your class use their creativity to learn about history, whatever period they're studying. 

A touching story about a child's perception of his mother's battles with mental health issues.

These resources will help you and your pupils bring your experiences to life through writing. The activities focus on the idea of treasued possessions and encourage learners to think deeply about why these things mean so much to them. Happy writing!

With a love of art permeating each page, The Blackhope Enigma is a fantastic read for those who love the visual arts, and it's a gripping adventure story to boot!

A classic wartime novel which tells the story of 9-year-old Lenny Gillespie's experience of the Clydebank Blitz

Get creative in the classroom with these resources for the World of Norm and Phenomenal