This resource will help pupils from Levels Early to Fourth write about food, sharing their experiences and memories where food has played a big part.

Michael Grant's YA war novel Front Lines reimagines the past, depicting a world in which women were conscripted to fight alongside men. This pacy and thought-provoking book provides lots of inspiration for you and your pupils to discuss the issues raised, and our learning resource will give you lots of activity suggestions to help pupils develop their ideas.

David Almond, award-winning author of Skellig and A Song for Ella Grey, shares his top tips on turning a messy imagination into neat and tidy printed pages.

Lauren Child's Ruby Redfort series follows the adventures of a teenage spy as she cracks codes, solves mysteries and gets the better of bad guys. Use this resource from teacher Linda Murray to inspire a huge range of cross-curricular activities and projects based on Look Into My Eyes, the first book in the series!

Chris Riddell, author, illustrator and current Children's Laureate, shares his three Ws for getting past the stumbling blocks of starting stories. 



This lesson plan and resource challenges you and your pupils to undertake a Reading Dare! To motivate pupils to read, it's important to try and create a personal reading journey for them; this lesson plan can increase their awareness of their likes and dislikes, as well as their knowledge of the diverse range of books available.

Find out how teachers at Elgin Academy used Juno Dawson's Authors Live event as the starting point for an interdisciplinary project tackling mental health stigma.

Elizabeth Wein, writer of award-winning historical fiction novel Code Name Verity, give her top tips for researching and writing historical fiction.

Keith Gray reads from his gripping ghost story, The Last Soldier, which has been shortlisted for the Scottish Teenage Book Prize 2017.

The Scottish Teenage Book Prize presents lots of opportunities for creative learning in the classroom and library. This resource will give you plenty of ideas to explore the three shortlisted books with your class or book group.