You Are Here

You Are Here

You Are Here

Subject area: Social studies
Read with understanding
Write to convey information, ideas and feelings
Reflect and evaluate

Level of support required:
Learners may require support with the first, creative map-making activity. 
They should complete the second map “marking” activity autonomously, without tutor intervention.

The aim of this lesson is to encourage learners to reflect on their local neighbourhood and identify areas of safety and community, alongside areas where sectarian behaviour might be likely to happen.

Begin by reading together through Walk The Walk as far as page 20, the section where Rab and Robbie introduce us to their neighbourhood, The Walk.

Now print copies of the You Are Here map making and location map activity sheets and the discussion questions.

Begin by facilitating a group discussion using the discussion questions.

Then hand out the map making activity and provide support where needed. Follow this with the map marking activity.

Once your learners have completed these two activities, make sure they complete the follow-up discussion.

Reflecting on Learning

After taking part in the discussion, were learners aware of:

  • The population of their local area, and a breakdown of that population?
  • Community organisations in their local area (e.g. libraries, community centres, meeting spaces)?
  • Special or unique characteristics of their local area (e.g. special events, festivals, historical links)?
  • Boundaries around or within their local areas

Learners can:

  • Identify areas or aspects of their local community where they feel safe and enjoy being, and discuss these within the group
  • Identify places where they believe sectarian behaviour might be likely to happen, and discuss these within the group

Further work/useful resources:

The Hand Drawn Map Association
The Hand Drawn Map Association provides thousands of examples of alternative, creative maps to inspire your learners. These maps are of local communities in the UK and all over the world.