What's In A Name?

What's In A Name?

What's In A Name?

Subject area: Literacy
Read with understanding
Listen, observe effectively
Speak so others can understand

Level of support required:
Learners may require one-to-one help from tutors

The aim of this lesson is to introduce learners to the characters of Walk the Walk, capturing their first impressions of the graphic novel while also helping learners get to grips with any character names they may find challenging.

Begin by looking together at Walk The Walk’s character introductions on pages 12 and 13.

Now print out the What’s In A Name? activity sheet so your learners can complete the activity. Also show your learners this video so that they can hear how some of the trickier character names are pronounced.

Once your learners have completed these activities, complete the follow-up discussion.

Reflecting on Learning

After completing the activity, were learners able to:

  • Identify characters they felt warmly towards, and explain why
  • Identify characters they didn’t like the look of, and explain why
  • Pronounce all the characters’ names?

Learners can:

  • Identify the book’s characters from their pictures
  • Confidently pronounce the characters’ names

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