Walk the Walk Glossary

A   a right soor pus (Scots)   a really grumpy face
    a wee homer (Scots)   

a small household chore or job, done for cash


a town in Fife, Scotland

B   Bar-l (slang)  

Barlinnie, Scotland’s largest prison

    Battle of the Boyne  

a battle that took place in 1690 (see Historical Context for more information)

    bairn (Scots)  

baby or young child

    bisum (Scots)  

an unruly girl or woman

    Bluenose (slang)   

a fan of Rangers Football Club (FC)

    Billy Boys (slang)  

a term that some fans of Rangers FC use to describe themselves. ‘The Billy Boys’ is also a banned football chant

    Bridezilla (slang)   a demanding bride-to-be
    bromance (slang)   a bond between male friends
    Bucky (slang)  

Buckfast, a kind of fortified wine

C   Celtic Park  

the home stadium of Celtic Football Club (FC)

    Celts (slang)  

fans of Celtic FC

    chav (slang)  

derogatory term for a brash person perceived to be lower class

    Costa del Sol  

a region in the south of Spain


done a runner (slang)


run away

    doing your nut in (slang)  

being annoying

F   fenian (slang)  

a derogatory term for someone perceived to be a supporter of Irish nationalism


woodwind instrument, like a flute

    fitbaw (Scots)   football
    FTP (slang)    F*** The Pope
G   gies me the shudders (slang)   makes me shudder
    greetin’ (Scots)   crying
    gutless (slang)  


H   Hampden   

Hampden Park, Scotland’s national football stadium

    have a gander (slang)  

have a look

    Heidy    Headteacher
    Hunny from Hun (slang)   a Rangers FC fan
I   Ibrox   

the home stadium of Rangers FC


Irish Republican Army (see Historical Context for more information)

    it’s mince (Scots)   it’s rubbish 
J   Jaffas (slang)    see Orange Men

kura domowa (Polish)

L   lassie (Scots)   

young woman

M   messages (Scots)   grocery shopping
    mono-blocking   a type of garden paving
    mortal (Scots)   drunk
N   nearly got scalped (slang)  

avoided a bad head injury

O   Old Firm  

a collective name for Celtic and Rangers Football Clubs

    Orange Men  

members of the Orange Order (see Historical Context for more information)

P   Paddy (slang)  

a derogatory term for an Irish person


the area of Glasgow where Celtic Park is located

    Pete Tong (rhyming slang)    wrong 
    polis    (Scots) police
    prodigal son    a person who rashly leaves their home, but then returns
    punny eccy (Scots)    punishment exercise 
R   rammy (Scots)  

a fight


offshore oil platform

S   Scotland’s shame  

a term sometimes used to describe sectarianism in Scotland

    Shalom Jewish  

word meaning peace or peace be with you. Also used instead of hello or goodbye

    smarmy pus (slang)   smug face
    steamin’ (slang)    drunk 
    stooshie (Scots)    a fight 
    strip   football strip
T   Tap End or Bottom End (slang)  

nicknames for different areas of the same town

    the F word   see fenian
    the Force (slang)   the police force
    the Lodge (slang)  

Masonic Lodge, a meeting place for fraternal organisation the Freemasons

    The Sash  

short for ‘The Sash My Father Wore’, an Irish ballad sometimes sung by fans of Rangers FC

    Tim (slang)   a fan of Celtic FC
    tinks (slang)   

a derogatory term for Irish or Scottish Travellers

    toerag (slang)   a worthless person
    Tottenham Hotspur  

an English football club with a
large Jewish following


a province in Northern Ireland wean (Scots) small child

Y   Yid (slang)  

derogatory term for a Jewish person. Also used to refer to fans of Tottenham Hotspur

  Zachor and Shamor  

‘remember’ and ‘observe’, the two commandments of the Jewish Shabbat, or day of rest