Download a PDF version of the graphic novel Walk the Walk



How to use the accessible PDF

Open the PDF in Adobe Reader. Go to menu bar and click on View > read out loud > activate read out loud. The audio voice you will hear is dependent on the computer or device that you are using to read the book. To read the text with, for example a Scottish voice, you need voices on your computer. Schools, pupils and anyone else in the public sector can download the voices free of charge, for Mac and PC, from The Scottish Voice.

If you are using Adobe XI Read out Loud you can change the voice by going to edit > preferences > reading.

For the iPad, CALL Scotland suggest using ClaroPDF because it has good text-to-speech tools (including Fiona, a Scottish voice). Claro PDF costs £1.99. (Fiona costs £1.49 extra.) For Android, CALL suggest ezPDF Reader (£1.26) with the CereProc Scottish voices (£1.19 each).

CALL Scotland provide support to people who require assistive technology.