Keith Gray's Writing Workshop

Keith Gray - Creative Writing Masterclass Part 1

Part 1: Ideas & Inspiration

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In the first part of the video series Keith Gray, our online Writer in Residence, leads you through some of the best ways to get started in writing your story. Plus, discover where Keith works, and where he thinks his best ideas come from!

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Part 2: Characters

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The series continues, giving you the chance to sit down for a coffee with Keith and get to grips with how to create your characters. 

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Part 3: Plot

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Episode 3 begins with a question: what makes a story a story? Find out the answer with Keith and you'll be one step closer to getting your story into the perfect shape. 

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Part 4: Setting

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As we approach the end of the series Keith focuses on the final key aspect that will define the shape of your story: where does it all happen? 

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Part 5: Redrafting and Competition

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The final part of this series helps you to honestly assess whether yourfinished story is really the best it can be. Watch to find out which questions Kei th thinks you should be asking, and then use all your amassed skills to produce your own great story! 

Download the notes for Part 5: Redrafting & Competiton