Joseph Coelho: How Libraries Can Change Lives

Poet and children's author Joseph Coelho, shares his love of libraries and how they inspired Luna Loves Library Day. 


Full Transcript

I wrote Luna Loves Library Day because libraries mean a great deal to me. Without my local library, that I was very fortunate to have literally next door to my home, I don’t think I’d be a writer now because I didn’t come from a home of books. And so if I didn’t have access to that library on my doorstep, I think I’d have a very different career path. 

Some people are scared to enter libraries – they can sometimes seem like scary places. But I would say to those people, walk through the door and give it a go because they are such welcoming places. Once you are through that door, there are amazing librarians who can give you great advice, who can recommend books and there are so many activities happening which will be free for you to go to. There are read-alongs and sing-alongs and book-reading events where you can go and join other children and other mums and dads.


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