Expressive arts

Resources for the Loon on the Moon, Jumblebum and Bedtime for Tiny Mouse.

Activities to help you and your pupils step into the shoes of a children's illustrator!

Anthony Horowitz's gripping Alex Rider series celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2015. The novels can open the doors to some fantastic creative learning!

The ability to create and engage with stories can really boost confidence, and these cross-curricular resources will provide you with lots of ideas to create a storytelling classroom!

History is a fascinating subject which comes alive when pupils are given the opportunity to actively explore and make sense of it. In this resource you'll find plenty of suggestions to help your class use their creativity to learn about history, whatever period they're studying. 

A touching story about a child's perception of his mother's battles with mental health issues.

These collected resources are designed to be a fun introduction to the work of Julia Donaldson and provide fun activities on some of her best loved books.

This tale of a friendship tested to the limit is supported here by some great resources for creative learning

Home means something different to everyone, and these resources are full of ideas to help you and your pupils explore what home means to you.