The Recruit by Robert Muchamore

The Recruit by Robert Muchamore

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The Recruit by Robert MuchamoreJames Choke, a fairly normal English 12 year old boy who goes to a fairly normal English school, suddenly finds himself parentless where upon his world changes completely.  He is forced to go to a children’s home where he is recruited by Cherub, a top secret government agency that recruits children as spies. 

The Recruit is a modern 21st century thriller that describes James’s adventures.  The characters in this novel are strongly depicted and come alive right in front of you. 

The setting of England is familiar, which is good.  This story ends on a rather happy note and definitely leaves the reader wanting more.  This is a good thing because there are 11 other books in this series, each one just as enjoyable. 

The Recruit is a must read which will have you on the edge of your seat one moment and rolling on the floor laughing the next.


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