The Death of Lomond Friel: Discussion Questions for Book Groups

What did the summer house and the plan to move there with her father represent to Rosie?

Although the book is titled The Death of Lomond Friel is he the main character of the novel? If he is not, then who is and why do you think so?

The book wasn’t actually about the Death of Lomond Friel so what do you think it was about?

The fishmonger, Cameron Fraser, quickly becomes an unstable, possibly dangerous character, but the threat he poses never comes to fruition. What role, then, does Cameron Fraser play in the narrative?

Which character did you relate to the most?

Was there one character that held the Friel family together and if so who was it?

April never seems to say the right thing, Lomond has lost the powers of speech, and Rosie experienced an episode of mutism as a child.  What comment was the author making about communication?

Throughout most of the novel April is a shy, timid character, seemingly happy to be overshadowed by her brash husband and yet she does eventually speak up to Jacob, telling him not to put Lomond in Craigmalloch. What does this say about her progression as a character? Was it a breakthrough or inspired by something else?

William Friel is not physically present until the very end of the narrative and yet he stands as a sort of white knight, and Rosie in particular seems to think that his coming home will make everything better.  What effect does his eventual homecoming have on the situation? What part does he play in the Friel family?


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