The Disappeared: A Tyler Lawless Mystery

<p><span>The dead teacher, Miss Baxter, comes back, and Tyler knows she must help her. Miss Baxter has waited long enough, and now she seems desperate, as if she is running out of time. She died in Crete, in a ‘ tragic accident’, but why exactly did she go there, and was it really an accident? And who is the little girl Tyler keeps meeting? She scares Tyler. What has she got to do with the mystery? As Tyler begins to discover what happened in the past, she puts herself in deadly danger in the present. ‘ A spooky and exciting story that is written with detail and emotion, and with a very clever twist at the end which makes the reader re think the whole story!’ Barbara Band about Out of the Depths. ‘ Anything by Catherine MacPhail is unputdownable!’ Julia Donaldson A new Tyler Lawless thriller from 'The Queen of Teen Fiction'.</span></p>
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Adolescence, Crime, Mystery, School, Teenagers