Miss Thing

Andromeda, a beautiful teenage girl whose mother has just killed herself, and Sam, a failed thirty-something writer in a miserable marriage, spy on each other across the interior courtyard of their New York apartment building. Through their diaries we learn just how much these two lost souls have in common. When school lets out for the summer, what promises to be an exciting modelling career leads Andromeda to prescription-drug abuse and misery. On the hot night when Sam rescues her from the grips of a security guard at a shop where she’s been caught shop-lifting, love apparently blooms. A variety of written artefacts introduce a narrative chorus of other voices that includes Sam’s money-obsessed wife, Andromeda’s best friend – a gay homeless drunk with whom she passes her days cutting school on a park bench, a neurotic teacher of Kafka, Andromeda’s boy-crazy grandmother, and Sam’s ‘plasticated’ mom. Straddling the literary territory between social satire and feminist cautionary tale, Miss Thing is both a serious commentary on the not-so-clearcut differences between reader and writer, and an anti-novel that’s a foil for love stories and the facile definitions they peddle.
Two Ravens Press
Age Groups: 
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