Katie Morag and the Dancing Class (Story Book and CD)

Illustrated by Mairi Hedderwick <P> The two Grandmothers have decided that Katie Morag is to take ballet classes. Katie Morag is not impressed - she has better things to do on a Saturday morning. But, Grannie Island says it will be good for her coordination and Granma Mainland longs to see Katie Morag in a puce pink frou-frou skirt and pink ballet pumps, instead of those dreadful wellies! There's nothing she can do ...or is there? Every Saturday, Katie Morag is late for ballet class and one day, she's so late that the tap dancing class has already started! Katie Morag would love to tap dance with the Big Boy Cousins - it looks so much more fun than ballet, but she needs special shoes and she can't possibly ask Granma Mainland for another pair. Luckily, Grannie Island finds an ingenious way to turn Katie Morag's wellies into tap boots. And when she shines as the star of the show at the Dance Performance, even Granma Mainland can't be cross!
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