I Didn't Always Live Here

'Not as if I always lived here, mind you...I started off in Govan. Never dreamt in those days I'd end up this side of the river. Real step up in the world that was...I'm grateful for it. Despite everything, I m grateful for it' Glasgow, the 1970s. Martha and Amie are old neighbours, trapped in their decaying tenement and cut off from family and friends. With the present closing in and the future uncertain, Martha and Amie's real companions are the past and their memories of ordinary lives peopled by extraordinary characters and their struggles and triumphs. I Didn't Always Live Here is a compassionate and heart-rending journey into the forgotten lives of the dispossessed and elderly, as well as an uplifting journey into the human spirit's capacity to cope with social exclusion and financial hardship. One of multi-award-winning playwright and poet Stewart Conn's earliest works, I Didn't Always Live Here now receives its first production since its world premiere at Glasgow's Citizens Theatre in 1967.
Oberon Books Ltd
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