Highland Inheritance

Lucy McIntosh, a senior data analyst at an SEO company, lives with her boyfriend, Jake, and lives a life of a whirl of deadlines, corporate parties and regular visits to coffee shops and beauty parlours. She is, as Jake keeps telling her, living the life, but somehow she isn’t happy. When she inherits a tumbledown hotel in the highlands from her long-lost Uncle Calum, her life goes into free fall. Jake moves to London without her, the locals in the highlands despise her and the acerbic Graham Sutherland is determined to see her fail so he can buy the hotel for redevelopment. For the first time in her life Lucy is forced to stand up for herself, make difficult decisions and work herself into the ground if she is to carve out a new life for herself. Despite the stresses Lucy finally feels she is engaging with life and becomes desperate to save the hotel she has fallen in love with. Published by Accent Press.
Age Groups: 
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