Goldfish Suppers (Anthology)

Goldfish Suppers is a magical anthology of new poetry for young children to share with their families, on the page or out loud. The poems and illustrations feature life in 21st-century Edinburgh, through the eyes of children, parents, grandparents and a wee blue gnome! From the puzzle of cats taking over a school, to the joys of dookin fur aipples, from the mystery of what the future holds, to the timeless pleasure of feeding the ducks, this collection presents work, appearing in print for the first time, by new writers and from some of Scotland's best known poets. Goldfish Suppers is a book for children and adults to enjoy and treasure. Goldfish Suppers is edited by Stewart Conn and Nancy Somerville and features the poetry of Stephen Barnaby, Angela B Brown, Ron Butlin, Hatty Chick, Billy Cornwall, Christine De Luca, Mike Dillon, Clare Duncan, Alec Finlay, Janet Paisley, Rasida Patel, Kendric Ross, Alma Shearer, Alan Spence, Margaret Tollick and Anne Williamson alongside the illustrations of Aird McKinstrie, Alexa Rutherford, Susan Scott and Dave Sutton.<br /> <P> Illustrated by a collection of people including Moira Munro and Alexa Rutherford
Moira Munro
Edinburgh City Council - Waverley Court
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Age Groups: 
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Scots, English