Endless Empress

Over one thousand teenagers entered the school hall at 9am. But someone did not stick around for long. Enkadar is a nation without war, violence, disease or poverty. It is a glorious paradise. There is only one problem with Enkadar: it does not exist. When a group of teenage misfits create a daydream kingdom to escape their humdrum lives, they accidentally set in motion a chain of events that leads to lunacy and murder. A reporter plots revenge in a grubby café. A crazy teenager is being pressured to slay a monster. The world s worst poet writes the world’s worst poem. A nurse stuffs her pocket full of potatoes. Dragons wait at the edge of time, while a unicorn waits by the bingo. And why is the bus always in the wrong lane? These strange events are all linked to the mysterious ruler of Enkadar. She is a genius, a goddess, a queen...and a murderer. She is The Endless Empress. And she is FOREVER.
Strident Publishing
Age Groups: 
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