Eight Men and a Duck: An Improbable Voyage by Reed Boat to Easter Island

On a South American bus trip, Nick Thorpe overheard an improbable plan: to sail 2,500 miles to Easter Island on a boat made of reeds. Intrigued by this modern-day Kon-Tiki, he blagged his way on board only to find himself with nagging questions. Why did the crew include a tree surgeon, a jewellery salesman and a duck? What had happened to the navigator? Did anybody actually know how to sail? And, most importantly, where was the life raft? <br /> Yet despite the menace of storms and sharks and fast-moving freighters, a singular lack of sailing qualification, and a rival explorer dogging the adventure at every turn, the crew of the Viracocha lived to tell their extraordinary tale right through to its unexpected conclusion. Nick Thorpe’s account is in turn funny, touching and thrilling – a story of friendship, fate, and the unfeasible lengths we will go for adventure.
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Adventure, Anthropology