A day out with his dad Gordon turns into a nightmare for Bobby Berlin when something shocking happens that leaves Dad thinking it's 1977 and he's really 14. The only people Bobby can turn to for help are his best friend Mary and her gypsy grandmother. The problem is, they don't have a clue what to do either. Gordon is irrationally convinced that if he can just get to Dundee, everything will be OK - but he couldn't be more wrong. The east coast of Scotland is about to be hit by a tsunami. As the population flees, Gordon journeys towards the heart of danger, followed by Bobby and Mary, hell-bent on trying to stop him. What neither of the children knows is that Gordon was once an expert on tsunamis, and the government is trying to find him because they want his help. But the teenage Gordon is terrified of anyone in authority. Every time the police or army close in, he fights desperately to escape... Published by OUP.
Oxford University Press
978 0192720795
Age Groups: 
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Dads, Horror, Family